Japanese Restaurant / Carry Out   
                  4918 Cordell Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814   (301) 652-7449
We will be closed on Thanksgiving day 
I am back!
After my 6 months vacation, I am back to serve good food for our old and new customers again.

We have tried to make this place a quick service-café style at the beginning, but since so many customers requested table services, we are now back to regular table serivice.
And then later, we will add a section where customers can come and pick up ready-made sushi and other goodies in addtion to the dining area.
Thank you!

Owner Kuno Yasutake

We no longer offer Buffet ( Rorary sushi ) as of september 26, 2015
I know that there are still our old webpages showing on some search engines and we are trying to remove the wrong informations.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.